Application of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound in Real-time Diagnosis of Marathon Sports Injuries

  • Caifeng Hu
Keywords: Musculoskeletal Ultrasound, Marathon Exercise, Real-time Diagnosis, Sports Injury


In order to study the application effect of musculoskeletal ultrasound in real-time diagnosis of marathon injury,
this paper selects the athletes who have real-time medical injury due to sports injuries in the international
marathon competitions in 2018, and divides them into musculoskeletal ultrasound group (MUSU group) and
traditional physician group (SM group). By statistically analyzing the diagnosis results of the two groups with
the same degree of injury and different types of injury, it is verified that the diagnosis of musculoskeletal
ultrasound in different degrees of injury and different types of injury is superior to traditional physician
diagnosis. Through the analysis of the pain relief of the two groups of athletes before and after treatment, it was
verified that the musculoskeletal ultrasound was superior to the traditional physician diagnosis group in the pain
relief of marathon injury. The athletes who were still sustained or aggravated by post-match follow-up were sent
to the hospital for surgical diagnosis. The difference between the results of musculoskeletal ultrasound and
surgical diagnosis was not statistically significant. The research results obtained are: The mild injuries detected
in both groups were mostly, while the severe injuries were less; In the MUSU group, the muscle bond and
ligament site were detected to have higher damage, and the SM group had higher muscle bond sites and no
abnormal damage; There was no significant difference between the two groups before treatment, and there was
statistical significance after treatment; The results of musculoskeletal ultrasound and post-surgery surgery are
almost identical. The results show that musculoskeletal ultrasound has certain application value in the real-time
diagnosis of marathon sports injuries and it is worthy of promotion.