Characteristics of Working Memory in Patients with Borderline Personality Disorder

  • Wei Zhang


The present study was explored to examine the characteristics of working memory with Borderline Personality
Disorder (BPD). 40 BPD patients and 40 healthy controls finished the N-back tasks (0-back and 2-the back).
Repeated measures ANOVA were used to analyze the differences of working memory index (reaction time,
accuracy and continuous accuracy) between BPD group and control group. Results showed that there was a
main effect of working memory load on accuracy, the accuracy of 2-back was significantly lower than that of
0-back. The continuous accuracy of BPD group was significantly lower than that of control group. The
continuous accuracy was not associated with the impulsive scores. Therefore, it can be concluded that patients
with BPD have deficits of working memory.