Telemedicine System with Privacy Protection Based on CP-ABE

  • Yuping Zhou
Keywords: Wireless Body Area Network, Telemedicine System, Privacy Protection, Man-in-the-Middle attack, Ciphertext-Policy Attributed-Based Encryption


With privacy protection is attracting more and more attention, the authorized access control level and anonymity
authentication have become the research focus of telemedicine system. A telemedicine system scheme with
privacy protection based on CP-ABE (Ciphertext-Policy Attributed-Based Encryption) is proposed. In this
scheme, patient sets the access control authority of medical data for doctor before launching remote medical
diagnosis request. The medical server is required to undertake the encryption calculation for the patient client,
which can reduce the calculation overhead and communication overhead of the patient client. The doctor whose
attribute set satisfies the policy tree of CP-ABE can decrypt the encrypted medical data. The security features of
the telemedicine system such as confidentiality, authenticity, integrity and traceability are guaranteed.
Theoretical analysis and performance analysis show that the proposed scheme owns low computing cost and
communication cost and is applicable to WBAN applications in terms of security and performance.