Analysis of the Relationship between Exercise and Health in The Integration of Sports and Medicine Practice

  • Jian Xu
Keywords: Integration of Sports and Medicine, Medicine Practice, Relevance Analysis


At present, the development model with the purpose of "Integration of sports and medicine" has become a hot spot
in the sports and medical circles. However, the sports health service industry at the level of "Integration of sports
and medicine" in China is at the initial stage of development. The integration between sports and medical
systems is still very difficult. Based on the background of the "sports +" industry integration and the integration
of sports and medicine policy, the opportunities for the development of the sports health industry are given.
Relying on big data mobile medical and mobile fitness, using the extended industrial chain, this has far-reaching
significance for the realization of the supply-side structural reform goal of the sports health service industry.
Therefore, this study firstly analyzed the construction and implementation of the “integration of sports and
medicine” path in the context of sports and health integration. It also analyzed the research evidence and risks of
exercises and health in the context of Integration of sports and medicine. Secondly, this study was based on the
relationship between adolescent metabolic syndrome and exercise, and also analyzed the relationship between
exercise and health in the integration of sports and medicine practice. The data from this study suggested that
lack of exercise was a key factor in the decline in physical fitness. Poor living habits and lack of physical
activity are the common problems of modern people, and the incidence of various metabolic diseases.