Effect of Strong Waist Active Prescription Addition and Subtraction Cooperating with Traction Massage to Treat Own Body Fluid Immunity in Patients with Lumbar Disc Herniation

  • Jiewen Zhang
Keywords: Strong Waist Active Prescription, Lumbar Disc Herniation, Traction and Massage, Own Body Fluid Immunity


In order to explore the effect of strong waist active prescription addition and subtraction assisting in the
treatment of own body fluid immunity in patients with lumbar disc herniation, so as to improve the clinical
diagnosis and treatment level, reduce complications. This paper selected 110 patients with lumbar disc
herniation from December 2014 to December 2018 as subjects, who were divided into two groups. 55 patients in
the control group were treated with traction, massage and Celebrex. 55 patients in the treatment group treated
with strong waist active complex treatment, observe the clinical effect after treatment based on the treatment of
the control group. Result: In the curative effect, the excellent rate was 54.45%, the total effective rate was
81.82%for control group, the excellent rate was 72.73%, and the total effective rate was 94.55%for the treatment
group. In the improvement effect of patients' own body fluid immunity , the excellent rate was 50.91%, the total
effective rate was 80% for control group , the excellent rate was 74.55%, the total effective rate was 92.73% for
the treatment group, the difference between the two groups was significant (P < 0.05). In addition, there were
significant differences in VAS score,dysfunction index of Oswestry and JOA score after days’
treatment (P < 0.05). Strong waist active prescription combined with traction and massage to treatment lumbar
disc herniation can relieve clinical symptoms and improve lumbar function.