Evaluation of Surface Electromyography Based on Signal Characteristic Change on Exercise Muscle Fatigue

  • Minmin Zhu
Keywords: Change Characteristics of EMG Signal, Motor Muscle Fatigue, Muscle Fatigue Evaluation


Exercise muscle fatigue is a common muscle fatigue phenomenon in daily life. Related researches have been
widely applied in ergonomics, rehabilitation medicine, sports science and other fields. At present, many new
methods have been introduced to evaluate muscle fatigue by using sEMG. This paper systematically
summarized the subjective feeling of muscle fatigue and the objective changes of surface EMG signal
characteristics and their relationships. Introduced the cyclic dynamic fatigue estimation of muscles under
increasing dynamic motion load and study on the surface EMG signal characteristics of muscle fatigue induced
by static exercise evaluation of the sensitivity and stability of muscle fatigue induced by low-load exercise. The
results show that there is still a lack of local muscle fatigue evaluation model based on surface EMG, which
combines fatigue perception and EMG changes. Finally, a more accurate evaluation system of muscle fatigue is