Application of EEG Sample Entropy, Evoked Potentials and Event-Related Potential EEG Signals Associated with Negative Waves in Lie Detection

  • Yang Li
Keywords: Sample Entropy, Evoked Potential, Associated Negative Wave, Event-Related Potential


In the field of brain cognitive science, more and more researches begin to focus on the study of the overall
cognitive function of the brain by taking advantage of the interdependence of different lead EEG signals. With the
increasing recognition of cognitive EEG lie detection technology in forensic science, EEG technology is used to
make up for the low recognition rate of existing lie detection methods. Using the principles of cognitive
neuroscience to develop emerging lie detection technologies, combined with mature brain science research based
on EEG sample entropy, evoked potential, and negative correlation porter sign, the study of event-related
potential lie detection provides a new research approach for lie detection based on EEG. This paper discusses the
research status and problems of lie detection based on EEG sample entropy, evoked potential, and event-related
potential EEG signals associated with negative waves and puts forward a new direction for future research.