Expression of Long Non-Coding RNA Mismatch Genes in Anti-Invasion Behavior of Mouse Prostate Cancer Cells

  • Xu Cheng
Keywords: Long Chain Non-Coding, RNA Mismatch, Gene Expression, Anti-Prostate Cancer, Cell Invasion, Behavior Analysis


To find the key LncRNA related to the progression of the prostate cancer in mouse and provide a new
perspective and target for the treatment of prostate cancer. (1) Sixty-six mice were selected as experimental
specimens. (2) They have been sent to a sequencing company for RNA sequencing. (3) Screening of cancer and
paracancer differentially expressed LncRNAs. (4) Hierarchical analysis based on information from mice,
LncRNAs related to the progression of prostate cancer have been screened, and the research subjects have been
determined. (5) To determine the relationship between target LncRNA and clinical characteristics in prostate
cancer. (6) To identify the coding capacity of LncRNA and the full-length sequences. Through the collection
and sequencing of large samples, and the in-depth mining of sequencing data results, assisted by bioinformatics
analysis methods, a new LncRNA has finally been verified through a series of experiments. After analysis,
LncRna625 is closely related to the clinical characteristics of prostate cancer and related to the prognosis. The
online LncRNA coding ability computing system has been used to confirm that it does not have the coding
ability, and the experimental method has verified that LncRna625 and EPHA5-AS1 are the same transcription.