Mechanism of Rehabilitation on the Rehabilitation of Obese Fatty Liver Patients

  • Taofeng Liu


With the advancement of society and the great enrichment of material life, people’s lifestyles have undergone tremendous changes, leading to a high incidence of diseases such as obesity, fatty liver and hyperlipidemia in modern people. Fatty liver refers to a reversible disease caused by excessive accumulation of fat in liver cells due to various reasons. In this paper, patients with obese fatty liver were used as experimental subjects to provide a 15-week regular and scientific exercise therapy, and the mechanism of rehabilitation of sports patients with fatty liver was obtained. The subjects were randomly divided into exercise group and control group. The exercise group was subjected to regular physical exercise for 15 weeks, and the control group did not perform special exercise. The test subjects were tested under the same experimental conditions one day before the start of the experiment and one day after the start of the experiment, and the test results were processed by using SPSS17.0. The test results show that the implementation of physical exercise can significantly improve the liver sonogram, which can reduce the patient’s blood lipid level and thus affect fat metabolism. The results show that long-term exercise through the development of scientific, reasonable and individualized exercise prescriptions has a positive and important role in the prevention and treatment of obese fatty liver disease, and it is worthy of clinical use.