Shooting Athlete Medical Rehabilitation of Cervical Spine Injury

  • Dongbai Guo


Shooting is a traditional dominant sport in China. It has won infinite honors for our country in previous Olympic Games. The sports injuries of shooters are caused by years of overload training, long-term static training and other factors. According to the study, the injury rate of elite shooters in China is 73.3%. There are significant differences between men and women, and women are higher than men; the stage of special improvement and best competitive state is higher; the injury rate in preparation period is higher; there is no significant difference between sports level, competition rank and injury rate; the injured parts are mainly shoulder and cervical vertebra. With the prolongation of training years, the ranks of sports and competitions increased, shoulder injuries decreased and waist injuries increased; shoulder injuries were common in males and more in females; the nature of injuries was mostly chronic injuries; the causes of injuries were: lack of preparatory activities, poor recovery, participation in other activities, poor awareness of protection, local overload, tiredness of training, old injuries, less physical training, education. The level of trainers is not high, and there are significant differences in the measures taken by athletes after injury. On this basis, the means and measures of rehabilitation training are put forward. According to the cervical spine injury of shooting team, this paper summarizes the causes, mechanism and rules of common injuries in shooting, and the treatment plan, which can provide reference for the treatment of injuries in shooting sports.