Track and Field Athletes Injured Medical Assisted Rehabilitation

  • Baoguo Li


Track and field is the most effective way to improve physical fitness and sports skills, known as the mother of sports. In track and field sports, inadequate preparatory activities or unscientific training methods will cause sports injuries, which will also affect the physical and mental health of athletes. Therefore, when sports injuries occur, it is necessary to correctly grasp the prevention and treatment methods of sports injuries, so as to minimize the degree of injury. Therefore, in sports, it is necessary to prevent scientifically and improve the safety awareness of athletes or students. Muscle strain is one of the most common injuries in running and jumping events in track and field. In the course of exercise, if the tension exerted on the muscle is too large, which exceeds its burden, or if the muscle is suddenly over-involved, it will cause strain. For example, the strain of rectus femoris muscle when running 100 meters, and the strain of muscles behind thighs when attacking hurdles, etc. This paper mainly analyses the sports strain in track and field sports, and puts forward the corresponding preventive measures and medical rehabilitation. The results showed that the peak moment angle of hamstring muscle on injured side of injured athletes increased significantly, which indicated that the time of maximal strength of hamstring muscle was prolonged and the maximal contraction length was changed. Suggestion: In sports practice, reasonable use of peak moment angle index of isokinetic test as monitoring index of recovery effect after hamstring pull injury, combined with appropriate proportion of centrifugal training, will help to reduce hamstring pull injury in sports.