Application of Liposome as an Immunopotentiator in the Prevention and Treatment of Tumor Diseases

  • Ruihua Mu


As a drug delivery system, liposomes can be directed to deliver drugs to the target site and maintain the activity of the drug to prevent its degradation. As an immunomodulator, it can enhance both humoral and cell-mediated immune responses and can be significantly enhanced. Vaccine effect. In this paper, cationic liposome was used as an immunopotentiator, and it was loaded with protamine and STAT3 siRNA complex. It was confirmed by a series of experiments that the complex system can significantly inhibit the expression of STAT3 gene in melanoma cell line B16 and promote tumor cell apoptosis. First, a series of characterization tests were carried out on the carrier material, and the particle size and potential of the different composite ratio downloaders and siRNA complexes were detected. B16 cells were transfected with a complex of vector and siRNA and the transfection efficiency was determined, followed by detection of the toxicity of the composite. In addition, a series of experiments such as apoptosis, plate cloning, real-time PCR and Western Blot were performed to further determine the effectiveness of the carrier complex. The experimental results showed that the cationic liposome loaded with protamine STAT3 siRNA showed good targeted therapeutic effect and excellent delivery efficiency in tumor diseases, and the composite system had good stability and low toxicity.