First Aid and Training of Middle Finger Injury Diagnosis Based on Biomechanics

  • Qiong Song


Shot put is a competitive project that combines speed of movement and coordination. The blind force exerts the finger damage to a large extent, which affects the scientific and systematic nature of sports training, and should be taken seriously and solved. We further compare and analyze the technical parameters. In the final stage of pushing the shot, the strength of the left side support will have an impact on the speed of the shot and the height of the shot. The shot speed is the combined speed of the horizontal speed and the vertical speed. With good left side support, the necessary vertical speed can be obtained with as little instantaneous horizontal speed as possible. The technical requirement of final exertion is that the working distance of the throwing arm, i.e. the working distance of the shot, should be extended as far as possible from the beginning of the final exertion to the moment of the shot put, and the action should be completed in the shortest time. In this paper, the mechanism of finger injury is analyzed and diagnosed based on the principle of biomechanics, and the methods of improving training are put forward to reduce finger injury in shot putting as much as possible.