Systematic Evaluation and Meta-analysis of Traditional Sports on Diabetes Rehabilitation

  • Jie Cui


Generation medical research believes that the cause of diabetes is related to many factors, the first is genetic cause, such as congenital obesity, the probability of diabetes is greater, More important than genetic factors are environmental and behavioral reasons, such as environmental pollution, obesity, age, physical activity reduction, etc., these factors have a certain relationship. With the improvement of people’s quality of life, the incidence of diabetic foot is also rising; patient’s ability of balance is disrupted severely. Age increases the risk of falls in elderly diabetic foot patients, Reduce the probability of patient contact, seriously affecting the quality of life of patients. This article has been shown by reference and experiments, 240 samples were divided into four groups according to the principle of random sampling, each group has 60 people. Multiple fusion of experimental data, compare gymnastic qigong and Five-Animal exercise to not exercising, there are significant differences between the two, gymnastic qigong has the effect of reducing fasting blood glucose [MD=-0.98, 95% CI (-1.22, 0.74), P<0.00001]. Shadowboxing has the effect of reducing fasting blood sugar compared with non-fitness person [MD-=1.12, 95% CI (-1.64, -0.55), P<0.0001]. Comparing the Mind liuhe boxing with the non-exercise, the mind liuhe boxing exercise has the effect of reducing fasting blood glucose [MD=-0.91, 95% CI (-1.15, -0.46), P<0.0001]. The experimental results show that the traditional sports program gymnastic qigong and Five-Animal exercise shadowboxing and other sports can effectively improve the blood sugar index of diabetic patients, and have a rehabilitation effect on diabetic patients.