Effective Testing of Maximal Oxygen Uptake in the General Population

  • Chunhua Shi


Based on the independent-developed power bicycle, a feasible test scheme is discussed to obtain accurate and effective VO2max. Methods:24 people of ordinary college students were tested by the improved and reasonable VO2max plan. (1) The main test indicators and judging standards about VO2max are suggested including HRmax:190-210bpm, immediate blood lactic acid density: ≥10.7mmol/L, RPE:19-20, test time: about 9-12min and maximal oxygen uptake platform. (2) 33% of the males have a low-level aerobic ability, 15% have a lower-level one, and 42% have a medium-level one. (1) There was no significant difference among the 24 subjects based on body information indexes and the all bodies are in completely peaceful condition based on the curves of RMR and HR. The accuracy and effectiveness of the follow-up VO2max test is guaranteed. (2) From the valid of VO2max, there are at least three of the 5 criteria for each subject to be qualified in the final VO2max value; from the accurate of VO2max, all bodies exhaust during 9 minutes. The testing in the scheme was more reasonable and had more accurate value of VO2max.