Application of Nursing Intervention Model to Improve the Maintenance Efficiency of Drainage Tube after Abdominal Surgery in Children

  • Liu Xinwen


Establishment and application of nursing intervention mode improve the efficiency of pediatric abdominal drainage tube after the operation, the drainage tube to maximum effect. Selection of our department in February 2018 - August 2018 with drainage tube, a total of 1800 cases of children, aged 0-12, disease, catheter quantity and time no specificity. Will 1800 cases randomly divide into two groups, control group and experimental group 900 cases each. Two groups of cases of disease, age, gender, catheter slippage risk nursing evaluation, ability of independent activities, parents of children cultural degree has no statistical significance (P > 0.05); Intervention group drainage tube indwelling time, length of hospital stay, take off the tube rate is less than the control group, the difference was statistically significant (P < 0.05). Through the above means and methods, effectively improve the efficiency of the drainage tube, promoting children recover at an early date. Survey and analyze the influence effect factors of the drainage tube after abdominal surgery, establish and implement maintain drainage tube patency nursing intervention mode, can effectively prevent to take off the tube and the drainage tube maximum efficacy, reduce the postoperative complications and promote the children recover at an early date.