Treatment of Knee Joint Injury of Wushu Athletes by Comprehensive Therapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Chen Yang


Wushu is an outstanding cultural heritage of the Chinese nation and one of the most extensive mass sports in China. In recent years, the martial arts sports technology and structural arrangements have undergone major changes, and high, difficult, and new vacant sports have emerged, making the game more intense and intense. Because martial arts athletes are generally trained from an early age, influenced by their anatomy, physical and psychological characteristics, coupled with the inherent characteristics of martial arts, it is easy to cause various sports injuries in training and competition, and now more and more people are paying attention. At present, the domestic research on martial arts sports injuries mainly focuses on the analysis of the causes of injuries and preventive measures, while the research reports on sports injury treatment are relatively few. The purpose of this study was to analyze the anatomical features of the knee joints of martial arts athletes, the mechanism of injury and the pathophysiological changes after injury. Combine the unique experience of Chinese medicine in treating various injuries and explore effective methods for treating sports injuries. It guarantees the systemicity and effectiveness of sports training, prolongs the sports life of athletes and provides practical medical insurance. This paper studies the knee joint injury and its prevention and control in Wushu Sanda. The cause of knee injury, the nature of the injury, the relationship between training period and injury, and the comprehensive diagnosis and treatment measures through TCM were found. On this basis, a reasonable and scientific method and suggestion for prevention and treatment of knee joint injury is proposed.