Multifunctional Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticle for Simultaneous Doxorubicin Delivery and Bioimaging

  • Ruixiao Yu


Previously, our research group successfully developed a novel multifunctional nanoparticle (YSA- BHQ1/ TAT-Cy5.5/MSN@DOX) from the reverse charge of peptide for anticancer medicine (doxorubicin; DOX) imaging and delivery. The fabrication, characteristics, and in vitro study findings of this nanoparticle have already been reported. In this study, we introduced the in vivo curative result and imaging of this nanoparticle in MCF-7 cell-bearing nude mice. The results showed that this multifunctional nanoparticle could efficiently target the MCF-7 cells, carry DOX molecules into the tumour cells for inducing cell apoptosis, cause a significant decrease in tumour vasculature in vivo after administration for 21 days, and promote a mild toxicity in the normal tissues of the nude mice. The observations of near-infrared fluorescence imaging suggested that this multifunctional nanoparticle could accumulate in the tissues of tumour of the nude mice and still maintain a strong fluorescent intensity at 48 h after injection. The results reported here support that this multifunctional nanoparticle could constitute a propitious vehicle for the concurrent diagnosis and therapy of cancer.