Application Research of Psychosocial Therapy Model in Psychological Rehabilitation

  • Bingfeng Liu


Nowadays, with the development of society, psychological problems have become more serious. Research on psychological issues has become a focus in many areas including psychology and clinical medicine. At present, the research mainly focuses on the field of medical rehabilitation. There are few studies on the study of psychological rehabilitation alone. Most of the research pays attention to the physiological rehabilitation of human beings, and it is easy to overlook the importance of psychological rehabilitation of patients. In order to solve the related problems of psychological rehabilitation, this paper proposes a model based on psychosocial treatment to rehabilitate psychological problems. Research in the field of social work is also concentrated at the macro level. This situation makes us ignore the importance of psychological rehabilitation. Its understanding is only superficial and unprofessional. It is only a specific type of rehabilitation need, and even as a way to help guide it, it ignores the importance and uniqueness of professional intervention in social work. This paper mainly uses literature research method, field research method, case study method and interview method. Through the testing of psychosocial treatment models, the individual's social relations are improved; the elimination of individual interpersonal communication barriers, the relief of psychological stress and the improvement of adaptive ability are promoted.